With a 20 year history in the hair industry OZZY has done it all. But even with all that experience, as OZZY says:

Nothing had prepared me for a question my Late Aunt had asked me in the early 90’s when she was living with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, began losing her hair and started wearing THAT WIG.

As a novice there was not much I could do yet alone answer her question. Years later I encountered a wonderful woman who made me truly appreciate my gift! It was when she took off her hair, looked me in my eyes and asked me CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY HAIR? I was speechless and frozen. I was looking into my aunt’s eyes once again.

At that moment I knew this was my calling: a re-awakening.

OZZY takes finding and sharing solutions for hair loss seriously. The thousands of articles, newsletters, books, blogs and endless information can be confusing or possibly even depressing to someone searching for the best information in the industry.

As a professional OZZY stays informed and current on new methods by attending seminars and consulting with industry or world class experts throughout the U.S. so the client doesn’t have to.

OZZY is proud to serve women by helping them return to a sense of normalcy through regaining their natural appearance. No need to be ashamed about your hair with me. I enjoy my craft and love making you as beautiful as you really are meant to be.

In retrospect and to HONOR my late aunt’s memory, YES I CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR HAIR!

Author of the forthcoming book “I KEPT MY PROMISE”, due out soon!