Hair Loss. What can I expect?
Hair loss usuall996633y occurs ten days to two weeks after the first treatment. The amount of hair a person will lose varies between individuals and strength of the medication.

When should I start?
Start Now! Hair prosthesis should be started before treatment when possible. Hair color and style can be matched as close as possible. A custom synthetic hair piece can take six to eight weeks to deliver. Scarves and turbans available upon request.

Do I need a consultation or appointment?
Yes. There is no charge for a private, personal consultation in the salon. Call 973-655-1100 to schedule your consultation.

What can I expect if I decide to have a custom hair prosthesis made?
Once the consultation is over, the proper measurements, template, selection of hair and style is complete, you must sign an agreement and make a deposit of 50% of the cost of the unit. Please note, Ozzy’s does not accept checks. A custom human hair piece can take approximately 8 weeks for production.

How long will a custom hair prosthesis last?
With proper care and maintenance, your hair piece can have a life line of two to three years. Each individual piece requires its own special care, which will be explained to the client.

What is the hair prosthesis made of?
All custom hair pieces are made of Indian, Malaysian and Italian human hair.

What are my options for wearing my hair?
Each client can decide to have it sewn, clipped on, or microlinked. Ozzy’s does NOT shave the hair and glue it to the scalp.

Do you offer different price options?
Yes, taking into consideration the clients needs, wants and budget!

Do you offer synthetic hair pieces or wigs?
Yes, for the budget-minded consumer we offer custom synthetic hair units.

Do you cater to all ETHNIC GROUPS?

Do you cater to women undergoing chemotherapy/radiation treatments?

Full Cranial Hair Prosthesis