Lindi Skin Product Line

Ozzy is proud to have Lindi Skin products available in his shop and by mail order. To see the product name, size and price (doesn’t include shipping), hold your mouse over the image. If you are interested in ordering or purchasing Lindi Skin Products, please contact Ozzy.

Lindi Face Moisturizer, 4 fl oz , $33.00 Lindi Face Serum, citrus, 1 fl oz, $45.00 Lindi Cooler Roll, 1 roll (4 in x 60 in), $45.00

Lindi Fight Back Pack $35.00, Trial pack & $5 gift card

Lindi Face Wash, 4 fl oz, $27.00

Lindi Body Wash, 8 fl oz, $25.00

Lindi Body Lotion, 8 fl oz, $30.00

Lindi Eye Hydrator, .5 fl oz, $35.00


Lindi Lip Balm, .25 fl oz, $15.00

Special Edition Body Lotion-Supports Alex's Lemonade Stand, $30.00

 Lindi Soothing Balm, 4 fl oz, $30.00Lindi Face Serum-Lavender, 1 fl oz, $45.00