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“A few years ago I lost my hair due to chemo therapy. A friend had referred me to Ozzy, but I never brought myself to going. Instead, I purchased a few wigs from the local wig stores and I was satisfied with the way that I looked. I had hair on my head and no one would be the wiser. Eventually, my hair grew back and everything was good….for about the year, my cancer was back and I was facing chemo again. My friend reminded me again to go to Ozzy, and this time I did.

FULL CUSTOM DESIGNED EURO UNIT CHOCOLATE BROWN , I mixed 3 different shades of brown to get that tone .. SHE WAS BOUNCING & BEHAVING

FULL CUSTOM DESIGNED EURO UNIT CHOCOLATE BROWN , I mixed 3 different shades of brown to get that tone .. SHE WAS BOUNCING & BEHAVING

It was perfect timing. I met with Ozzy a few weeks back to have 2 wigs custom made. The wigs came just in time because my hair started to fall out. The wigs were beautiful! They are very light weight and extremely natural looking. The fact that he asked questions, listened to what I had to say, examined my hair combined with his expertise and knowledge, he delivered a wonderful product. A few days later I met a new oncology nurse and I was wearing my new wig. She asked me if I had started to lose my hair yet….I laughed and told her that I was wearing a wig. This is a TRUE testament to Ozzy’s work.

Ozzy is a professional. He is passionate about his work. He is knowledgeable. Ozzy explains everything to you in a manner in which you can understand. So don’t be afraid to ask questions, he is patient and he wants you to understand. Ozzy is personable and very easy to talk to.

The moral of this story is: do not settle, don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid. Call Ozzy”





I am sorry this has taken me so long to get this to you. Sally and I had had to become friends and my schedule has been a bit nuts.

For those of you that know me then you know I’m someone that does not fuss with my hair. I wear it pulled back in a nice tight ballerina bun that moves positions on my head pending on the outfit. I do not want to take a lot of time playing with hair. I am in the gym by 5:30 in the morning and work out 6 days a week for two hours.

I was excited for Sally to arrive and when Ozzy put her on I was loving it. I had to get use to doing it myself; again I don’t want to mess with hair but to be honest once on the piece didn’t feel like a piece. I love the color, it feels good, looks good and the comments from some people were oh wow I’ve never seen you with your hair down.

Bottom line I love being able to change looks without fuss or bother. I plan on wearing “my hair down” a bit more often!”

Leslie Short K.I.M. Media LLC

2013-award“Ozzy of Ozzy’s Hair Salon is both artist and miracle worker. He is extremely skilled at hair weaving. Our daughter suffered some hair loss as a side effect of a medication she had been prescribed. We spoke with Ozzy on ideas to address the issue and he suggested a hair weave which we were, to be frank, very skeptical. Ozzy was understanding of our skepticism and answered all our questions. He also shared with us the samples of the hair which are of incredible quality. In all honesty we were still skeptical until we sat down and watched Ozzy not only makeover our daughter’s hair but also her self esteem. Ozzy blended the additional hair with our daughter’s existing hair so well, you truly cannot see any difference. While the process is lengthy (approximately 4 hours), Ozzy was careful and gentle throughout. We highly recommend Ozzy’s Hair Salon!”

“Ozzy is truly a hair artist!!!! In the last two years, he has helped make my hair so healthy. A few months ago, he created hair system and it’s GORGEOUS!!! You don’t have to believe me check out the albums on Ozzy’s Hair Art on Facebook. He will make you divalicious!”

Best of Montclair 2012 Award for Hair Replacement Specialist“OMG….. This man, without a doubt, is worth his weight in gold. I have hair loss and to a woman there is nothing more devastating. I have worn wigs and wiglets and spent most of mornings crying due to poor self esteem. Ozzy has changed my life. I am smiling everyday. AND, I THREW MY HATS AWAY!!!!”

“Ozzy is the best! I have been going to Ozzy for about 7 months and he is one of the best hairdressers I have ever been to. I have gotten so many compliments on the health of my hair. Other woman literally stop me on the street to ask about my hair!…”

Best of Montclair 2011 Award for Hair Replacement Specialist

“I’ve been going to Ozzy for seven years and he has saved my hair! As an African American woman I had experienced several bad relaxers at other salons when I heard about Ozzy from a friend. He gave me a FREE consultation while he examined my hair and told me what he would do for my hair. His goal was to get my hair back into excellent condition and he did it! I enjoyed the fact that he listened to my concerns and worked out a plan of action PRIOR to doing anything to my hair. His salon is small and intimate and he works strictly by appointment. Professional, funny and friendly I am a client for LIFE!”

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Letter to Ozzy testimonial01<—IT NEVER HURTS TO BE GOOD TO TOTAL STRANGERS…I won’t go into details because there is no need to…HOWEVER my heart went out to her 1. single mother 2. Living w/a life threatening illness 3. TWO SMALL CHILDREN…you can fill out the rest…YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN IT’S GOING TO BE YOU…so always look up and NOT DOWN…